Social Media Integration

Integrating your social media into a marketing strategy successfully requires skill. Linking outbound marketing with social media is not easy.

Social media has large limitations for direct communication to an individual unless they welcome you as a follower of them as well as them following you – a convention not recognised as ‘acceptable’. Therefore it is a passive following in the main with the ability only to comment on posts made by followers.

However, particularly in B2C marketing linking your social media channels and looking for ways for your direct and above the line marketing, to prompt social media comment, extends the impact of a campaign and adds weight and longevity to the campaign.

Going viral (in a positive pro brand manner) is most marketing managers idea of a dream come true. It depends on the size of your audience but ‘going viral’ could mean anything from 200 to 200, million hits. It’s all relative to your product value and market size. But you should still manage the process properly.

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