On & Offline personalised marketing

The benefits of talking directly to an individual within your target market is well documented. Direct mail by its definition means that the item is addressed and sent to an individual, but are you taking full advantage of the brand interaction and activity between that individual and you, or are you merely sending out a stock marketing piece to each and everyone on your database?

Both On and Offline marketing that is driven by data, should utilise the information to target the audience with the correct message, BUT also to aid in completing the circle by making communication response, as a direct result of the campaign, simple.

Pre-population of forms or a website landing page that is unique to the respondent – a Personalised URL (or web address) not only demonstrates to your client that you are focussed on their needs, but also it makes their experience of interacting with your brand more unique, easier and therefore more likely to engage further and spend more.

Producing and managing personalised marketing both on and off line is a specialism of Romax. Talk to us about how to improve your client interaction.