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Never underestimate the power that a newsletter has to influence brand building and produce upsell and increased engagement with your clients. Newsletters are not seen as being sold to. ‘selling’ to a converted audience can be perceived as cheapening the relationship.

Newsletters particularly printed newsletters containing useful information, articles, advice and opinion, are more likely to be read and retained whilst subliminally reaffirming your brand with the reader and if written correctly, with appropriate calls to action or help, will produce client engagement and lead to further sales, or recommendations as a result.

Newsletters can take various guises, they do not have to be magazine style, they can take any form as long as the content is appropriate and engaging.

Value add – the receipt of a newsletter provides the recipient with the feeling of having received something for nothing or in the case of subscription newsletters the value expected from membership.

If you want to learn more about how to contact with your audience through newsletters call us.

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Occasionally call you for a chat about interesting stuff like data-driven communications, Marketing, GDPR and Compliance in Communications and Print.

How will Romax use your data

As an Evangelist of Best Data Practice and holder of ISO27001 Data Security and Management, we like make it clear how we will use your data to give you an informed choice around future communications. For full details on how we look after, respect and seek permissions to use your data click here.

I have worked with a vast number of mailing houses throughout my career in marketing and Romax beats the competition hands down.

Not only through the quality of work produced, but also additional services like returning undeliverable data files, offering useful and honest advice and always being on top of their game.

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