Multi Channel Response Management (Lead tracking)

If you are producing a cross media or multi-channel marketing campaign, then you need to be ready to handle the response across the same media in return. There’s no use sending out an email and asking people to complete a form, print it off and send it back!

Humans are naturally lazy. The easier you make it for the recipient to act on their decision to buy, means you will see a massive improvement in completed orders or responses.

In most marketing there is the need to capture enquiries as well as immediate orders (dependent on the sales process and type of product). Usually an individual will (particularly on larger value purchases) seek the reassurance of a recognisable brand. This means that you will need to present your brand to them on numerous occasions before they commit to a purchase.

Therefore preparing and discussing just how you are going to manage and capture responses is critical. You need accurate and efficient management and processes, to enable you to reply quickly and with the correct information.