B2B cross media marketing

Cross Media B2B marketing is probably the best method of gaining business from businesses.

Time at work rarely allows for individuals – particularly decision makers – to spend time researching for better ways to complete a task or getting better product, price or service.

An impactful, well planned and developed campaign across multiple media that targets the decision makers in organisations will result in much better returns than completing a stand-alone DM or Email campaign.

Seeing an event marketed in the trade press, with an appropriately timed direct mail piece, and email mailer to enhance the message, will demonstrate to the decision maker that the event or service being promoted is produced by a business that is organised and effective so reflecting the product and brand – critical in the relationship building required further down the line between client and supplier.

If anything B2B marketing is harder that B2C as there are additional barriers to reaching and influencing the final decision makers in organisations than there are in the home.

Ask Romax how we can help you to effectively reach those decision makers and increase your ROI using B2B Cross Media Marketing.