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Multi Channel Marketing


Multi-channel marketing is used to truly engage and understand your client. A fully integrated, interactive and joined up conversation provides better sales. Creating a cross-media platform for this interaction is the domain of Romax multi-channel marketing services.

Online & digital marketing, social media marketing and mobile media platforms combined with appropriate direct mail, create truly personalised customer 1-2-1 communication. Consumers are far more likely to purchase online after receiving a piece of direct mail and studies have shown that websites supported by catalogues and direct mail have a revenue lift of 163% compared to those that were not*. These statistics show the power and influence of good cross-media and multi-channel cross-marketing.

As specialists, we provide a depth of understanding that will ensure not just one campaign but your entire approach to direct marketing changes for the better. Your audience will truly engage with your organisation. Make your communication more effective and increase your organisation’s income.

Get it Right…

Effective communication requires various touch points directed at your client or potential client, You communicate the same message regardless of the medium used to convey it.

1-2-1 data-driven communication must be delivered to the client using the medium of their choice. Not only is this showing that you recognise that clients have a preference, but it also ensures that you adhere to strict data protection and access laws surrounding data.

Integrated multi-channel marketing should include: SMS, e-mail, social media, web and direct mail marketing in a managed and co-ordinated way is the most powerful way to engage with your market.

Accurately targeted multi-channel marketing is a proven way to create additional income value and improved life cycle from your clients. Additionally, it will create new clients as happy customers share the positive experience socially.



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*Statistics from the US postal Service


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