Membership Communication Methods


It is clear that any individual that is committed enough to your organisation to join as a member in any guise, likes what you have on offer and wants to engage with your brand. They actively want your offer and membership communication, benefits and recognition.

Why is it then that far too often a member is seen as ‘job done’ once they have joined? The short-sighted view that organisations need invest no further in them, or with the same vigour as new member acquisition.

This is false economy. To lose focus on your current membership with a view to growing what is ultimately the same membership. Attrition of dis-engaged members – the leaky bucket- will often far outweigh any upward membership growth. A managed and concerted approach to communicating with current members as well as seeking out new members will pay dividends.

Members want to belong.

Members want to belong and feel engaged with your brand, but not necessarily wish to engage in social media forums or open table events. Statistically the majority of the population prefers not to give out or share publicly.  They do however want to know what’s going on and be told about it – not have to go looking for it. Proactive Membership Organisations regularly send out communications relevant to their members. Vocational or Professional Membership Bodies distribute information that is both pertinent to the member but also highlight industry related issues and what they as an organisation are doing about it. If your membership is more associated to retail, pass-time or leisure activities, then regular offers and experiences need to be shared making membership communication key.

Membership Communication Methods

After the initial flurry of communication following a member’s registration there is often a ‘dry season’ relating to communication. If your organisation does send out regular communication such as a monthly magazine, then this is commendable, regular touch points are maintained which is fantastic. If you send out a quarterly publication, this too is positive, but it could be up to three months after registration before further contact is made. Therefore, measuring your members’ activity on a monthly basis, via transactions, enquiries web visits to member only sections of your website etc. and completing a measured communication plan, will allow you to gauge what communication they should receive to demonstrate your proactive approach and ensure they remain an engaged member: A ‘come on get involved – a benefits of membership remember ‘ style communication, or to the other extreme, a ‘you’re the best thanks for being so engaged – what else can we do for you?’ style of message. If cost is a limiting factor around increased communication, then consider this:

  • What is the cost NOT to communicate resulting in a loss of a member?
  • How much does a New member acquisition cost compared with retaining a member?
If you do send out a publication then now is the time to start thinking a little smarter. Instead of simply sending a magazine or similar, current technologies allow for a far more personalised message that is driven by the data. A message that can be communicated through the mailed magazine pack – adding value and further engaging members without the cost of additional unbudgeted mailings.