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UK Postage Discounts

There are numerous ways to reduce bulk postage cost and benefit from UK postage discounts.

Work Share – Mailsort. Sorting a list of data into a predefined delivery order is when compared with sorting physical items of mail to the same order is comparatively ‘straight forward’. The postal carrier would rather receive a bag/tray of mail all going to the same postcode location than a bag containing one letter to every postcode in the UK. This pre-sort work share makes the movement of mail more streamlined so reducing the cost of items on bulk postage, considerably cheaper – This process is known as ‘Mailsort’.

Mailsort Mail still needs to be further sorted into what are known as ‘Walks’ these are the physical ‘Walks’ that your local ‘Postie’ takes each day to deliver the mail through your letter box.

This requires an Integrated Mail Processor (IMP) – A large (very large) mail sortation machines that further sort mail into walks after being received in the correct IMC Inbound Mail Centre (Through Mailsort).

Sorting through IMPs can be done in numerous ways (and we are more than happy to talk you through it if you really want us to) BUT the best and quickest is for the IMPs to ‘read’ the mail using a barcode. So if you add a barcode it speeds the process up and – yes you guessed it, makes the cost to send your mail items cheaper still.

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding all of the options, formats, complications and exceptions, but summarises the concept in a nutshell. Key message to save you time, is to talk to us and we will ask a few pertinent questions before recommending the most suitable service to meet your needs – simple!

Romax Guide to UK Postage Discount Services:

The following flowchart is an easy to use guide to quickly work out which Mailsort postal service is best for the campaign that you are planning. There is no replacement for a detailed discussion with Romax about this as there are further qualification criteria to consider and additional available savings BUT this will guide you in the right direction!

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UK Postage Discounts

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