Returns Management

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Returns Management

According to Office of National Statistics (ONS) Over 500,000 people pass away every year and 4 million move house. The 2011 census provided a count of over 63 million UK residents so that means 6% of people move each year.

Your data is therefore always going to have an inaccuracy level of between 2% and 6%, keeping on top of this is key to both maintaining contact with your customer, donor or member.

Capturing the information from returned mail is seen by clients as a ‘necessary evil’ it is boring, time consuming and often delegated to a transient work force – dangerous ground when literally the ‘pile’ of returned mail continues to grow creating more of a mental challenge to get on top of it.

Unsurprisingly given this position, Romax have created a returns management service that removes the arduous task, streamlining the process and ensuring the highest accuracy and quick updates.

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