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International Postage

Accessing international postage discounts is a key priority for publishers, membership organisations and organisations with a large overseas market. In an ever-shrinking world the need to send mail securely and promptly using a trusted mail handler is paramount.

International postage costs particularly those outside of the European Union, can be as low as distributing within the UK.

If you have international markets you are not going to ignore them so you do need to communicate with them. Saving money against your current international service would surely produce an upside?

Overseas Mail

  • Priority International Post – clients looking for a “fast” 3-5 working day delivery then this is the ideal service. Using a well established logistics and working with the world’s leading post offices and independent networks, your mail is in safe hands.
  • Standard International Post – “Not So Urgent” – 10-15 day delivery for those lower priority items can save considerable amounts of money.
  • Economy International Post – shipped mail that can take 3-4 weeks BUT the savings are well worth it when time allows.
  • All formats are catered for: letters, flats, packets and parcels, invoices and statements
  • Magazine, periodical and press services
  • Direct Entry postal services* – Pre Sorted to the overseas postal operators’ destination by region and postcode/Zip Code to further reduce transit costs and sortation costs so you – the client – benefits from additional savings.
  • M-Bags* – Grouped drops where numerous contacts are at the same address destination, pre bagged to address to save postal costs

Don’t assume international postage means expensive postage, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Distribution and delivery

Overseas Consignments / Couriers – those needing an urgent delivery, guaranteed, tacked and signed for are also catered for via Romax as part of our distribution service. Accessing tested overseas agents to deliver your urgent and important documents swiftly and hassle free.


To find out more about international and overseas postage costs and savings from the UK contact us now.

*Please note that certain minimum volumes may apply

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