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The world is a big place – but it is also shrinking in terms of accessibility. World markets are so much easier to access and act as a fantastic opportunity for any business to operate overseas and gain market share.

There is a misconception that the cost to enter overseas markets via the post is cost ineffective. However, there are many ways that you can reach out with the same impactful direct mail strategy as the UK market – particularly to the large overseas English speaking world, be they expats or English speaking nations.

Any international mail sent through Romax is sent at a discount rate compared with the published Royal Mail International tariff.

Acting as a consolidator of mail, we combine our volumes from our clients in order to obtain discounted mail prices from overseas postal administrators. The more you send the lower the price.

Within the UK there is a system of sortation called Mailsort used to reduce the postal cost of bulk mailers. Similarly using a process known as Direct Entry where volumes per mailing allow, Romax can sort and present mail using the required criteria of the destination country, making the sortation at the destination simpler and therefore cheaper.

If you have overseas clients using your services, they need to be communicated with using the same approach, perhaps a different message, but definitely with the same touch points of your marketing campaign as your UK clients.

To get a better idea of associated costs for your overseas mail, contact us now: +44 (0) 20 8293 8550, or fill the form.

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