Email Marketing

‘Spam’ is something that comes in a can or is the product of a poorly devised marketing strategy; both are tasteless and cheap. Relevant email communication should be timely, and pertinent to the receiver often as part of a broader focussed marketing approach. Not seen as a cheap method of marketing communication foolishly attempting to hammer home a message that becomes (if used too frequently) as annoying email ‘static’ creating a negative impact on the receiver’s engagement with your brand.

The design and management of email marketing should be carefully thought through to enhance a campaign, not to be a standalone campaign UNLESS it is used for confirmation or administrative element of a contact strategy. Emails to cold recipients – sends shivers down the spine as this communication is not a good way of making first contact with a potential client. Consumers in the main, just don’t respond to cold emails as they are far too suspicious of the sender and origin, these should be used as follow ups communications following a more tangible and brand building exercise.