Direct Marketing A/B Testing

As easy as A-B-C

A/B Testing is the vital step of testing your theory does need revisiting as it all too often is a step ‘skipped’ which may be a bold move (if you’re lucky) or may lead to stepping right in to a failed marketing campaign and a lot of wasted money!

There is no such thing as a perfect marketing campaign; knowing this but striving to continually improve, challenge and find innovative ways to get noticed is the marketing challenge. Increasing your knowledge of your market, the sectors within your market and ultimately the individual consumers in those sectors is what drives the need for testing.

After analysing your data and creating a concept, you then need to test a few variables within it to ascertain what provides the best response. Like all experiments, you may believe you know the outcome, but sometimes the results surprise you! Remember to have control cells in the marketing. To compare new with old and across the different approaches.

When you have the results then analyse them and roll out the most successful concepts to those data cells most responsive.

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