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Presorted data prior to Mail production saves money

Mailsort Sortation

Pre-Sort for savings. The UK postal address uses a POSTCODE to act as map or grid reference for each of the 20 million business and household addresses in the UK. The Postcode is made up of Alpha Numeric characters and denotes the group of houses, in a street, in a town in the UK.

Mailsort as a service is the data sortation or pre sortation of address data records (and appended marketing data) to achieve discounted postal savings on mail sent within the United Kingdom.

It is easier to sort data electronically, maintain that order during the print and fulfilment process and present presorted mail to the mail carrier for delivery to that postcode area rather than presenting unsorted mail which requires a lot more work to sort a physical mail piece.

By presorting the mail, the postal operators can pass on savings that recognise the reduction in work they are required to do as opposed to unsorted mail traffic.

Entry levels for a presorted Mailsort mailing are A) 1000 Large Letter format or B) 4000 Letter format items.

There are ways to maximise the savings available using Mailsort across multiple cells and variable inserts and pack weights so the best approach is to discuss the overall mail communication project with us and we can suggest ways to ensure you achieve maximum postal savings.

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