Collating & Inserting (Envelope Enclosing)

Envelope Enclosing – There are many ways to fill an envelope, all of which matter when communicating with clients or members.

It’s your brand and your message, so how that is portrayed and presented is critical to success.

We ensure that the mail pack meets your exacting requirements and that you have the final say on presentation.


Romax is a digital printer and mail fulfilment provider. Data driven direct marketing with large empathise on direct mail. Our heavy investment in modern equipment allows us to provide selective and variable inserts across a variable print run.

What does this mean to your Multi-Segment mailings?

If you wish to segment your mailing into data segments with different printed messages or offers, either in the body of the letter text or design and/or by enclosing variable inserts that are specific to that individual for marketing purposes, then we have the combined print and enclosing technology to help.

This improves your marketing reach and returns as well as reducing your postal spend by ensuring that your maximum Mailsort Postage Discounts are maintained.


If you send out brochures, magazines or marketing flyers that “stand out” on their own without the need for a printed envelope. The enclosing your marketing print into clear polyethene is definitely the method you should consider.

Having designed a beautiful brochure or magazine then use the front of this piece to advertise the minute it lands on your clients’ doormats.

Multiple inserts can be ‘on-serted’ between the brochure and the address carrier to further market a specific product, or to sell advertising space to third parties that may wish to ‘piggy-back’ a magazine or brochure mailing.


There are always some mailing packs that require additional care or a presentation style that is either not suitable to machine enclosing, or simply requires a unique human touch to get the job done correctly.

Our team of full-time hand finishers work on a vast array of specialist work ranging from membership pack creation and collation, charity response kits, specialist DNA cheek swab test packs and those ‘tricky’ jobs needing skill and attention to detail.

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“We cannot praise Romax enough for their proactive, efficient and accurate service. Their ability to solve issues that other suppliers were unable or unwilling to do, place them in the premier league.” Andrew Eastmond – DKMS Print Manager.

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