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Business to Business Direct Mail

Do you have some high value contacts in your company accounts list but are struggling to convert them into business? The solution for this could be B2B direct mail marketing. B2B direct mail is one of the best ways to achieve high conversion rates and make your customers feel special. By using B2B direct mail, you can quickly generate positive and long-lasting relations with your clients and increase ROI drastically. Furthermore, according to the Royal Mail Market research, “Campaigns that included mail were 40% more likely to deliver top-ranking acquisition levels than campaigns without mail” so the statistics speak for themselves. 

Imagine the scenario where you aim to send direct mail to your target audience. They are receiving emails left right and centre and range from antispam to clutter removal software; not to mention their standard day-to-day emails in order to communicate across the business effectively. One thing that is bound to make a significant and memorable impression on them is if they are handed a form of physical direct mail. What happens to that direct mail depends on whether you have successfully targeted the customer and whether careful pre-campaign research and planning has been conducted sufficiently. What is certain, however, is that if the message is not opened, read and responded to, then it was either not targeted correctly, not designed correctly or the content was not written well enough. You need to hit your audience straight away with B2B direct mail or risk losing them entirely.

B2B Direct Mail Marketing

Here at Romax, our Business-to-business direct mail marketing services and advice is second to none. Although Business-to-business direct mail marketing generally requires a multi-layer contact approach and a minimum of 4-6 touch points, the returns on this longer sales cycle will result in a higher value return for your business. Finally, it is worth mentioning that successful business-to-business direct mail depends on what you are selling, but impactful direct mail that is punchy and informative will create talking points in the office and give you the best chance of landing high value customers. Get in touch with Romax today.


How effective is B2B direct mail?

B2B direct mail is one of the best ways to get high-conversion rates. By using B2B direct mail, you can quickly initiate positive and long-lasting relations with targeted clients which increase ROI.

Campaigns including B2B direct mail are 27% more likely to deliver top-ranking sales performance compared to campaigns without B2B direct mail. Additionally, 40% are more likely to deliver top-ranking acquisition levels, as opposed to campaigns without B2B direct mail. Manypeople maintain that receiving mail makes them feel more valued.

What makes a good B2B direct mail campaign?

Your targeted customer must be at the heart of your B2B direct mail campaign. Examine all the data and practices of your custom audience and what is relevant to them. Make your message personalised, unique and shareable to attain high value customers.

You need to engage your audience straight away with B2B direct mail for maximum return on investment.

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