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Direct mail is the best marketing medium for value response. Marketing professionals are devoting increasing resource into what is a measurable and successful route to market.


“Printed personalised communication boasts high response rates: 3.40%, compared with 0.12% for email”

Source: DMA

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Romax dynamic and flexible approach ensures cost-efficient production and delivery of your direct mail campaign. Proactively managing data, design, print and delivery. We meet your aim to increase return on investment at every stage of your campaign.

Increasing ROI

As an industry leader in marketing services, we know what makes a successful campaign and provide expert advice on all aspects of your direct marketing; From mailing in the most efficient way to save cost, to adding dynamic personalisation to increase impact and response rates and engagement.

Data management

Data is the driving factor behind any direct mail marketing campaign.

By unlocking your data’s information, we help guide you with the correct targeted message to the appropriate individual contact – the most receptive audience, and proactively support your campaigns across all 1-2-1 communications – cross-media – not just direct mail.


As standard, an exclusive 22-point data check ensures that your target audience receives direct mail accurately, reliably and consistently. Our comprehensive, analytical data services combined with outstanding delivery produces engaging campaigns that maximise your response rates.


Working in partnership with our clients, we use our 20 years of experience and along with tried and tested techniques to deliver the most impactful mailers that elicit the all-important engagement.  Working with Romax, you can be sure that every effort will go into efficiently producing and delivering successful mail marketing.


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