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Direct Mail

From £250/month
Delivering your message directly to one person through one letter box.
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Data Acquisition

from £99/month
Use data acquisition to source verified consumer mailing lists for your next campaign.
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Multi-Channel Marketing

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Creating consistent and seamless multi-channel marketing campaigns across print, email and text.
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Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is necessary for every B2C and B2B marketing campaign.

Direct Mail Marketing involves the use of printed promotional materials to advertise an organisation’s products and services. Even in today’s digital age, direct mail advertising is an effective strategy to improve brand recall. Research shows that direct mail has the ability to drive 92% of targeted recipients towards the organisation’s website.

Romax, one of Leeds leading direct mail companies, provides clients with direct mail solutions that will help them communicate directly with their target audience. We take time to learn who your audience is to conduct a successful direct marketing campaign by looking at your competitors, creating a customer persona, conducting surveys and more. We employ a direct mail service that delivers marketing materials for B2C and B2B campaigns. As studies show that direct mail is kept on average up to 17 days at home, this direct mail marketing strategy offers organisations the opportunity to enhance their marketing efforts through brand familiarity.

Direct Mail Services

Working for clients across Leeds and the rest of the UK, Romax supply Direct Marketing services which include:

  • Personalised B2C and B2B Direct Mail Marketing services
  • Postage in the UK and international
  • Postages discounts
  • Client communication and Membership Management
  • Data Management
  • Machine and hand enclosing
  • Mail fulfilment, among other services
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Direct Mail Services

Here at Romax, if you are looking to add direct mail services in Leeds that will empower you to plan, execute, and produce exceptional mail, we will fulfil your requirements. Direct mail campaigns allow you to generate a particular response from targeted groups of customers, not only in Leeds, but anywhere in the country. It’s a particularly useful tool for small businesses in Leeds because it allows you to focus on limited resources where they are most likely to produce results. Well thought out strategies measure the success of direct mail advertising and direct mail campaigns accurately by analysing responses.

Database Management Systems

Your data doesn’t have to be fragmented, purposeless or insecure: utilise our database management system to manage your processes, organise your information, then, create and customise.
Therefore, if you want a direct mail company that builds effective direct mail campaigns in Leeds and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire and beyond, speak to us at Romax on 0121 368 5657 or email:

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“Romax was a pleasure to work with. They're incredibly responsive and flexible, and the process was so smooth.”
Flo Carr | Marketing & CRM Manager | English National Opera
“The direct mail solutions they offer are complex and flexible and always meet our business needs.”
Christina Koleva | Marketing Project Manager | Fantastic Services
“Unlike many other agencies, they know what they’re doing and have great customer service.”
Fran Douglas | Assistant Director Annual Giving | Johns Hopkins University
“Postcard looks great – thank you both! Amazing how quickly it arrived!”
Andrew Gale | Subscriptions Manager | Spotlight Sports Group

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