Variable Data Printing

Impactful and Direct to Recipient

Variable Data Printing

It is now unforgivable given the available technology, for any marketing or print sent out to your customer, member or patron that is not properly personalised to the recipient based and driven from the data.

Not investing the time to show your client that you know them, respect their marketing choices and provide them with offers and information that is relevant to them not only drives them away to your competitor, but leads them to tell their friends and family too.

Sending any marketing to a poorly targeted database with the wrong offer will do more damage than good. Second rate generic marketing sending the same message to everyone on your database tells your clients that you are not a forward thinking organisation at the forefront of your industry.

The word data covers such a vast cornucopia of meaning, but from a marketing perspective, it means: taking the full range of knowledge parameters about your clients, be it their spend, length of custom, average spend, location of spend, use of previous offers, type of purchase, frequency of purchase etc. and designing a marketing plan that recognises the individual or group of individuals as a subset of your data and using a combination of varied text, image, style and method (channel) of communication to convey your message to give it the optimum chance of gaining a reaction.

Variable data is used in all mailing print in one way or another as each address is different, but don’t limit it there. Whether a transactional mailing, a promotional mailing, or a mixture of both, variable digital printing must be used to your best advantage.

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The Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) depend heavily on the success of our member mailings to generate the income to ensure the continued advancement of Operations Engineering for the benefit of everyone through education, training, study and research.

For many years, Romax have provided insight, proactivity and the highest level of professionalism to meet our exacting standards. They are a great partner to work with.


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