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Membership Cards

Personalised plastic membership cards add a great deal to the perceived value of any membership as well as acting as identification for club and access use.

Printing the base cards as well as individually personalising the cards is one further element of the service that Romax provides as part of its membership services.

Daily, weekly and annual print runs for clients as part of a welcome pack for new membership or as a replacement or renewal card are just part of the process.

We also have the capability to add and personalise the identity onto magnetised strips and/or microchips built into the cards.

If you have a membership element to your organisation, it’s well worth your time having a chat with us.

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Southbank Centre, the largest single-run arts centre in the world, has used Romax for its membership print and distribution for over 13 years. Romax’s professionalism and flexibility is unmatched in the industry. I would not hesitate to recommend Romax.

Southbank Centre

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