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Inkjet Printing

Forget everything you think you know about inkjet printing and let’s (using print parlance) start with a clean sheet.

The transfer of ink to paper using a pin head ink transfer unit or jet that sprays ink on to the paper based on electronic impulse data. i.e. the print is digitised to binary and then sent to the appropriate colour ink head or jet and pulses ink out to the appropriate point on the paper to recreate the digitised image.

This is digital print as much as digital ‘laser’ print as it can be fully variable without the need to produce plates as with litho (lithographic print).

Colour inkjet or mono black colour, printed on to paper or envelopes to create the required image – in a fully variable image clearly provides a fantastic solution for long run heavily personalised and image variable print runs – perfect for direct mail marketing.

Data driven print through Romax provides the opportunity to target very specifically content and messages pertinent to an individual or group of individuals within a longer run without the need to continually set and reset the print process. Making the throughput more efficient but additionally ensuring that savings on set up as well as allowing for massive postage savings to be achieved by pre-sorting data to produce print in Mailsort order – Postal Distributor preferred order for cheaper delivery costs.

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