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Digital Colour Printing

The principle of colour printing for digital print is the same as with litho or offset printing, the laying down of CMYK colours next to each other on the substrate (paper for example).

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The main difference however is that rather than having to produce 4 colour ‘plates’ as the print image for the specific colour requires (in litho printing) with digital print, an electronic negatively charged image is temporarily laid down on a electro – receptive transfer belt and the positively charged toner particles (with each of the CMYK colours having a slightly different charge) are attracted to the belt and then the image is transferred on to negatively charged paper and then heat sealed to the paper to create an instantly dry image.

The charged transfer belt image is then ‘cleaned off’ in preparation to receive a new image. All of this is driven from data to produce (as with litho print) multiple generic print or when used to print individual elements within a larger run – such as with direct mail where variable text and imagery is required, provides considerable advantage and flexibility.

When should either of these methods be used?

In short that depends on various criteria:

  • Time/Speed
  • Quantity
  • Stock
  • Finish including the finishing process

Quality is NOT an issue as digital print and litho print are not necessarily dependent upon the method, but more importantly the equipment and skill of the operator.

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