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Your print marketing brochure or retail catalogue, is as important a sales window as your high street shop or website. It acts as much as a driver to your clients to interact with your brand and make purchases as other channels and more importantly drives customers to the website and shop as a direct result.

Vital insight is needed when planning a brochure, is it purely for mailing,

  • Will it be used as a hand out, in-shop retail piece, driver to web or other?
  • Will the catalogue need separate covers one for mailing one for other channels?
  • What will the mechanism for mailing be utilised as this dictates other print parameters
  • Pagination? Pages in the catalogue – will it remain within the lowest postal bracket, how can this limitation on weight and format be off set?

Catalogue & Brochure Printing in the UK with Romax will ensure that your  campaign will remain on time and to schedule without the need to deal with multiple suppliers. Reducing logistics, lowering carbon and transport emissions.

Paper is often an under considered element of your print publication. The best design and imagery in the world, could be dampened, and the impact lessened if the stock used is not appropriate for purpose. Romax have access to all national and independent paper merchants and suppliers. We have stock swatches and can order samples to be sent direct to you on a next day basis.

We are happy to trial and test print on stock types so that you can experience the print result prior to running the job in its entirety. Enhancing your print will also provide tangible results, foiling or laminating can be added to your job to provide highly impactful message to create brand image and ‘WOW’ factor. Samples and examples are always available with our brochure printing services in the UK.


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