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FREE Data Audit (Health Check)

Understanding Your Data starts with a full Data Audit and Data Health Check.

Data should be the starting block for all marketing campaigns so we offer a FREE Data Audit* on your data to assist you in planning your marketing message, targeting the correct individuals with the correct offer, and most importantly knowing just how clean your data actually is!

Romax Data Cleansing and Enhancement Services

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Over 500,000 people pass away every year, 4,000,000 move house. Customer data deteriorates rapidly. In fact, if you fail to maintain it, you will find that much of it is useless within three years.

The “who, where and why” your clients interact with you are the obvious questions and our Free of Charge data audit supplies you with answers to many of these questions.

You will reduce costs and prevent customer attrition. Identifying consumers and businesses that cannot or will not respond to your marketing communications as a result of them moving house or premises. We can remove deceased individuals or those registering with one of the preference services.

Stretch your budget further!

Only mail to those who will respond, use these savings from a reduction in mailing volume to increase the impact of your mailing pack.

Your data is constantly evolving and changing and our audit provides you with in-depth overview of how clean your data is, the socio-geographic make up of your data and just how clean it is.

This acts as a starting point for many clients when planning their next campaign.

Romax is fully ISO 27001 accredited, so your data will be securely uploaded to our highly secure SFTP data transfer site. Allow a few working days and your detailed report will be ready for review.

Romax Sample data Audit

(* FREE Data Audit includes the one-off receipt of your data, and the analysis and production of a report highlighting the state and cleanliness of the data presented as the example above at no cost to you. If you wish to subsequently clean the data by purchasing the suppression ‘flags’, make further amends or complete further analysis costs would apply.)

Consumer Data Enhancement after your Data Audit

Our consumer enhancements provide you with a single, definitive and consistent view of the UK adult population, containing a broad and accurate range of demographic, socioeconomic and behavioural characteristics on each adult and household in the UK.

Comprising of circa 49m individuals, it is a combination of the Edited Electoral Roll, including updates from the monthly rolling register, credit reference agency proprietary data assets, partnerships with other data owners and other compliant data sources.

    • Gender.
    • Age bands (modelled).
    • Marital status – person level demographic variable that identifies the marital status of each individual living at an address.
    • Length of residency – identifies the length of time that an individual has been at the same address.
    • Directorship information – identifies individuals at an address who are company directors.
    • Financial Strategy Segments – a person and household level segmentation developed to help financial services companies target their financial products and services.
    • Personal income model – providing an individual’s likely income.
    • Financial Stress – identifies an individual’s potential to become financially overstretched and struggle with further payments.
    • Property council taxation – a segmentation tool based upon actual council tax bands for each residential property in England, Wales and Scotland, providing an indication of individual wealth and financial status.
    • Household Tenure.
    • MOSAIC for UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland – classification tool describing socio-economic and socio-cultural behaviours for all individuals in the UK.
    • Household Income model – providing the likely household income for an address.
    • Family Lifestage – a household level demographic that shows the combined stage of life and family status, including children.

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