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Does the thought of spending hours working on your database give you the shivers?

We can show you how by cleaning your data, we can:
  • Reduce your campaign costs
  • Prevent customer loss
  • Identify consumers or businesses that are not responding to your marketing communications
  • Improve your targeting across your campaigns
Let us help you with your data cleansing. Romax have software and the knowledge to hugely improve the state of your data. Whether your data is incomplete in terms of address or has not been verified for 12 months or longer, you can stretch your budget further by only mailing to those who will actually be there to receive your pack. You will have received mail to your home that was addressed to the previous occupant and appreciate how annoying this is. This is completely avoidable. Not only does it waste money, but it devalues your brand. You could use the savings as a result of cleaning your data towards improving your marketing message.

How do we do this?

Most importantly – we are not magicians. We take the processing and handling of data very seriously. Romax have a highly trained data team who use an array of industry recognised software as well as bespoke programming to analyse your data. 

STEP 1: Data Security You need to feel secure that your data is being managed by a reputable business. We offer NDA and Data Processing agreements for your reassurance. We provide you with secure SFTP access via a password-protected portal to upload your data. We are fully ISO 27001 Accredited and ICO registered 

STEP 2: What are we looking for during your data cleansing? We compare the data you provide against multiple suppression files, the postal address file (PAF), and through data cleaning software that produces a report.

  • Postal Address Accuracy – We can append and amend incorrect postal address information using PAF
  • Duplicate Records – Your data will most likely have duplicate records. we can find exact matches or ‘loose’ match records in the same file or across multiple files, then remove them.
  • Movers – 4 Million people move each year in the United Kingdom. 6% of the population. That’s 12% over 2 years. If you have 50,000 records in your database, that’s potentially 6000 error records.
  • Format – Often the layout of your data is simply ‘untidy’ we will ‘tidy it up’ for you
  • Obscenity Searching – We make sure that your data does not contain inappropriate content.
  • Salutation Creation – We use the data available to make salutation fields for your future ease of use
  • Case Correction – London to LONDON, se10 oat to SE10 0AT or Mr e smith to Mr E Smith

STEP 3: We return your clean data back to you via the secure portal along with a full report. You then have a database that you have confidence in. We can also analyse the data further to provide you with further insight. CLICK for details of our FREE DATA AUDIT  

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