Bespoke Data Services

Tailor Made to Suit You

Bespoke Data Services

Your Data is the Most Important Part of Your Marketing Campaign.

You need to know that the data services you use to drive marketing communication reflect your brand quality.

We understand that you have unique requirements, be it data sourcing, capture, management, unique coding or database requirements.

We have experts on hand to provide you with guidance on how to prepare your data. We develop and create a data service that is designed to suit your needs.

Giving You Peace of Mind

The security and integrity of your data is paramount. Data services at Romax:

  • are certified under ISO 27001: 2005 Information Security Management System
  • adhere to a very stringent Data Policy, that ensures data safety at all times.
  • are fully understood and reflect our responsibilities under the Data Protection Act.
  • are registered with the Information Commissioners Office Registration Number: Z7218141

Careful planning, testing and then further testing ensure that your specific needs are met.

Free Data Services Audit

To demonstrate our data services, with no obligation to you, we offer an audit of your data.

You will receive a 14-page report containing:

  • full details of any Movers and Gone Aways
  • a Socio-Demographic breakdown of the data
  • an analysis of all duplicates within your data
  • Age Range
  • Marital Status
  • Residency Information
  • Income Ranges

And much more.

Data must be cleaned regularly. Your data accuracy will deteriorate rapidly if not.


Contact us for a tailored and cost-effective solution: +44 (0) 20 8293 8550


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How will Romax use your data

As an Evangelist of Best Data Practice and holder of ISO27001 Data Security and Management, we like make it clear how we will use your data to give you an informed choice around future communications. For full details on how we look after, respect and seek permissions to use your data click here.

We’ve worked with Romax for a number of years, during which time we’ve always received a friendly and efficient service. I would not hesitate to recommend them.


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