Okay, so you’re developing
a killer offline marketing strategy...


This infographic gives you a comprehensive

overview* of all the different actions you can take when designing your campaigns.

*Some information (such as costs etc.) is unavailable due to varying contexts.



From the local parish journal to prestigious national newspapers, you can find a way to reach your target audience.

List of outlets

  cost factors

  • Local parish (cheapest)
  • Local magazines
  • Local newspapers
  • Regional publications
  • Trade journals
  • Niche magazines
  • National newspapers (most expensive)
  • Circulation
  • Prestige
  • Design and copywriting
  • Space
  • Duration of campaign

Typical cost of full page colour ad*:

National newspaper: £12,000 - £60,000

Local newspaper: £500+


*production costs not included


This is perhaps the most ubiquitous offline marketing option. There are many avenues. The best one depends on your particular business strategy.

Avenues for advertising...

the definitive guide to:

for any business



From the local parish journal to prestigious national newspapers, you can find a way to reach your target audience.

  • Ratings
  • Prestige
  • Time of day
  • Length of slot
  • Production
  • Duration of campaign


  Cost Factors

National: £10,000 +

Regional: £2,500+

Local : £500 +

Typical cost for a single 30 second slot during early peak-time*:

National: £4,000


*production costs not included

  • Ratings
  • Prestige
  • Production
  • Time of day
  • Season
  • Length of slot
  • Duration of campaign
  • Region


  Cost Factors

Typical cost for a single 30 second slot*:



Millions of people go about their business everyday. So why not grab their attention with a well-crafted poster?

  Cost Factors


  • Location
  • Production
  • Duration of campaign
  • Size

Typical cost for a 48 sheet billboard*:

Outdoors: £200 a week

*production costs not included

Public transport


With billions of passenger journeys taken each year, advertising on public transport is a worthwhile option if you have the budget.

  Cost Factors


  • Bus route
  • Number of buses
  • Production
  • Duration of campaign
  • Region



= Approx. cost of advert on side of 500 London buses for two week campaign

*production costs not included



The possibilities range from sponsoring popular TV shows to sponsoring local events. However, we’re going to look at it in terms of sponsoring football shirts.

football sponsorship


  Cost Factors


  • Size and stature of club
  • Duration of sponsorship

Typical cost of annual football shirt sponsorship

Premier: £750,000+

Non-league: £200+


*production costs not included

on company vehicles


Turn blank space on company vehicles into effective marketing communication.

  Cost Factors


  • Number of company vehicles
  • Production (design / application)




  • No continual advertising costs
  • Can help to raise your profile in local area
  • Can gain thousands of impressions a week



  • Your vehicle(s) will have down time
  • Can be quite costly if you have a massive fleet
  • Can become out of date if you change contact details

local shop window


This budget option is ideal for sole traders, freelancers and other micro-businesses.

Typical cost per week:

£0 – £10

press releases


This is great way to garner publicity

  Cost Factors


  • Professional writer to craft press release
  • Agency to distribute press release


  You can mitigate these costs by doing it yourself. Though you’ll spend time:


  • Finding out what editors are looking for
  • Learning how to write an effective press release
  • Researching and pitching relevant publications

  Things to consider


  • Make sure you have a newsworthy story relevant to the publication
  • The ideal press release is no more than 300 words long

public relations (PR)

Use offline PR to cultivate an outstanding reputation and give your business a competitive advantage. There are different ways to implement PR.

Avenues for PR...

press conferences


This is a bigger, more sophisticated relative of the press release. Assuming you’re already high profile enough to get journalists and reporters interested, press conferences are a great way to get publicity.

  Cost Factors


  • Professional writer to craft press release
  • Agency to distribute press release




  • Can convey more information
  • Can answer questions and highlight key points
  • Helps you counteract negative publicity



  • You might get asked unwanted questions
  • What if you say something you regret?
  • Some journalists might put a negative spin
    on it

The cost of the following PR activities is hard to generalise. However, they all involve careful planning, preparation, and plenty of hard work.

Get involved in local charities


This shows that you’re part of the community and share common ground with the locals. It’s an excellent way to raise your local profile.

Be a guest on a  local radio show

This shows that you’re part of the community and share common ground with the locals. It’s an excellent way to raise your local profile.

public speaking


Use your expertise to educate, inform and entertain. You’ll build an audience and gain an excellent reputation.

do something that garners
good publicity

It could be something humanitarian, heartwarming orromantic. The sort of thing people love to
hear about.

mass mail


A well-planned and well-crafted direct mail campaign can generate leads and win you more customers.

  Cost Factors


  • Mailing list
  • Design and copywriting
  • Postage and packaging




  • Can generate many sales
  • Communicates brand message to a huge audience



  • A poorly executed campaign can annoy people and damage your reputation
  • All your hard work could end up in the recycling bin with the rest of the junk mail
  • Can become out of date if you change contact details

direct mail

A well-planned and well-crafted direct mail campaign can generate leads and win you more customers.

Lumpy mail


A tailored campaign. Target small list with a personally written sales-letter containing relevant messages and a free gift.

  Why's it called lumpy?


  • The free gift makes the package lumpy. Curiosity leads the recipient to open it.


  Cost Factors?


  • Postage and packaging
  • Print materials
  • Free gift
  • Professional copywriting


  You can mitigate some of these costs
by writing it yourself. You’ll need to learn:


  • How to craft an effective sales-letter




  • Can generate high-quality leads
  • Can win customers back
  • Establishes a more personal link
    between you and the prospect




  • Not good for huge sales targets

local leaflet drop


A cost-effective way for local businesses to generate sales and raise brand awareness.

  Cost Factors?


  • Delivery
  • Design and copywriting
  • Print


  You can mitigate some of these costs by writing it yourself. You’ll need to learn:





Out of all the possible marketing actions this has the worst reputation. But done wisely it can yield good results.

  Cost Factors:

  • Phone calls
  • Telesales team (outsourced or in-house)

warm telemarketing


An easier sell. Contact existing customers or prospects who have already been introduced to your company.


  • Can make the sales process smoother

cold telemarketing


A hard sell. People generally dislike cold callers.

So you have to work hard to gain their trust.


  • If done well, can create sales out of nothing



  • Use phone calls as part of a power-of-three campaign


This is the oldest form of marketing. Some people regard it as the most important.

Provide a great service or product


It’s a simple formula but works every time. Do everything you can to do an excellent job. Look after your customers and they will reward you with positive word-of-mouth.

Incentivise referrals


Reward existing customers by offering incentives for every new customer they send your way.

Guerilla marketing

Unconventional. Innovative. Surprising. It’s about being in unexpected places. A good option for young, trendy businesses operating on a shoestring budget.

5 well known examples



The skiing company placed little pop-up skiers on snowy windscreens to suprise and delight the public.

Bláfjöll ski resort

The ski resort in Iceland simply put a pile of snow next to a busy road and stuck a sign in it.

vijay barbecue


The local barbecue seller turned a normal drain into an innovative marketing opportunity.

96.3 FM rock radio

A rock station made the public smile by offering free air guitars.



The Samaritans reached out to unhappy people by placing powerful card cut-outs between alcoholic drinks.

field marketing

This is a traditional approach to marketing. It means getting out there and shaking hands with the audience.



Believe it or not, traditional direct sales is still around. You can put together a team of sales people or go it alone if you’re a micro-business.


  • Can generate sales out of nothing
  • Cost-effective if you go it alone
  • Can combine it with leaflet drop. So if no one answers, slip a leaflet through their door



  • Lot’s of rejection can leave you feeling depressed
  • Means walking around in all weathers
  • Bad team members can give your brand a negative reputation



attend trade shows
and conferences


Having a stand at one of these events is a great way to mingle with the target audience and drum up some business.

  Things to consider when developing
your event marketing plan:

  • Choose the right event
  • Analyse the competition
  • Invest in quality signage for your stand or booth
  • Take a good camera for quality shots
    (to be used in other marketing material)
  • Be sure to mingle and talk about your business

real market


If you sell products online and want to grow your business, why not take your products to a real market: raise brand awareness and make some sales.


  • Choose the right type of market for your wares. If you sell toy cars, a farmers market might not be the best place
  • Be Prepared. Make sure you have enough of stock on the day
  • Practice setting up. This is essential if it’s your first time going to market. Measure your stall and make sure you have enough space
  • Take a good float. You want to have plenty of change for the punters
  • Keep track of sales as they happen.
  • Present yourself in a good light. Be friendly. The person might not buy from you this week, but they may reach into their pockets next week

invite locals


People love free food and drink. If you’re a local business, invite local residents for a little soiree. It’s a great way to build bridges.

Give away loads of free samples so people can see how good your product is.


  • Can help you penetrate the market quicker
  • Costs a fraction of national advertising campaigns
  • Easy to execute as everyone loves freebies



  • You can become a magnet for freebie hunters

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free sample marketing

Tried and tested, this method puts your product directly in the hands of the target market. The proof of the pudding, as they say.