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Retail marketing is one of the most exciting areas of direct marketing; from start-up e-commerce sites to multi-national retail brands, retail marketing requires a partner that works as part of your team, an extension of your marketing team. A partner supplier that adds value, not one that takes specifications and just churns out print.

Retail MarketingConsumer marketing requires an absolute understanding of the customers activity habits and preferences and how best to reach that customer with a view to both retain and grow their loyalty to your brand.

Data is the key, taking your data and concept then producing a multi-layered and multi-channel personalised 1-2-1 campaign. Romax offer a FREE data audit to all clients. This helps you gain an understanding of your data including its socio-demographics breakdown. How clean it is in terms of addressee, gone-aways and movers. We also offer insight into the target messaging to each sub-set of data.

Keeping your retail marketing campaign on schedule

Marketing ScheduleWe understand the importance of your retail marketing campaign landing on time. To ensure that your call centre and operations are primed and ready to act. Our internal and transparent processes ensure that you are provided with clear schedules, receive proactive account management and have the best operational set up to meet your requirements.

Working closely with you, and our downstream suppliers – particularly postal agents to ensure that mail lands on time. At the very best price available on the market today, we ensure seeds and handover reports are both provided and checked daily. This highlights any geographical areas of concern when it comes to dropping dates for your direct mail.

We produce cross-media campaigns aimed at improving the return on your investment. By creating a platform that not only presents your message to your market using the medium of their preference. We also ensure that the message is the same – on brand – on message – across all platforms.

Data Security is Paramount

Data SecurityFor our clients, the handling of personal data requires stringent checks and the highest level of security. ISO27001 data security and management accreditation is the minimum level of security you should request. Romax regularly go through high-level security checks with our clients. This ensures that due diligence around data protection is at its maximum. We are regularly praised for the security levels that are set in place.




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Emma Bridgewater depends heavily on the success of our catalogue mailings. As a high-value retail brand, client perception and timely marketing management are key. Romax has consistently provided the highest levels of service over the many years that we have worked with them.

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