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The life-blood of any organisation is its members. Accurate, timely and engaging communication on a regular basis ensures the recipient takes notice and provides your members with a feeling of worth and involvement. Communications that revolve purely around renewal time, fail to demonstrate a mutual commitment between you and your individual members. Create lifetime value for your membership.

Working with a vast number of prestigious membership organisations, our knowledge of one to one communication will help to retain and increase your membership.

Regular Communication is Key

We provide daily, weekly, monthly and annual membership communication services, regular newsletters and email contact for National and International Membership bodies producing proactive and timely communications.

Production of full colour and fully branded personalised plastic membership cards, membership welcome packs and renewal communications are produced daily to agreed deadlines to further improve your member’s experience by fulfilling promptly dispatching on time.

Membership Card Print and Personalisation in the UK

When your members join, they expect to receive a welcome pack, the recognition that they now belong and in many instances receive a membership card. This token provides a recognised value and symbol of membership, but in many organisations also provides the facility to access further discounts and entry to venues.  The professional supply and overprint of membership cards, that can be personalised and have member data programmed into a magnetic strip or microchip embedded within the card to allow such access is a critical process that requires a service provider established to provide membership communication services.

DKMS Membership Card2

Membership cards can include Name, Membership Number, Additional Membership Levels, Barcodes, Signature Strips, Magnetic Strips. Overprint, Raised Print (as bank cards) and can be printed in full colour and personalised in white or black text as standard.

The supply and print of the membership cards is just part of the membership management services that relate to cards, such as welcome pack creation and distribution, email communication and renewals management. All part of the overriding membership communication services that organisations rely on.



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The Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) depend heavily on the success of our member mailings to generate the income to ensure the continued advancement of Operations Engineering for the benefit of everyone through education, training, study and research.

For many years, Romax have provided insight, proactivity and the highest level of professionalism to meet our exacting standards. They are a great partner to work with.


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