Finance and Utilities

Two birds, one stone – Creating income from transactional communication.

Finance & Utilities

Tangible transactional communication with your clients creates a positive interaction as well as communicating vital financial information. Creating a regular touch point using trans-promotional mail, both reassures customers of your integrity as well as allowing you the opportunity to offer further value added services.

We understand the complexities of producing regular billing cycles on time, as well as incorporating promotional content and bespoke marketing messages. Working within stretching and tight deadlines, we ensure both your legal obligations and marketing messages are delivered.

As a supplier we hold ISO 27001 – Data Security and Management, ISO 9001 – Quality Assurance and ISO 14001 – The Environment along with a raft of other industry memberships and accreditations, providing assurance that your mailings will be processed securely and to the highest quality.





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The Economist have used Romax for over 3 years for our Conference and Events mailings, data and returns management.

Romax have kept our postage and fulfilment costs competitive as well as ensuring campaigns are always despatched on time.

I would happily recommend them as a supplier to anyone in the Events industry.

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