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Events marketing is fundamentally different to Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing. That’s why we separate our client services team, and provide a B2B team that understands the specific marketing requirements needed to attract customers in the business world.

Marketing your event, conference or exhibition to business is increasingly returning to printed direct mail above email, mass media and telesales as it lands at the appropriate time and to the correct person in a highly targeted manner.

One of the major issues with B2B marketing is targeting the decision maker, and making sure that the data is clean and up to date, not easy in the fast job turnover business world. By developing data strategies and services specifically for this sector Romax can help you to reach the right audience.


Low-Cost B2B Postal Services

We provide a specific B2B postal service that concentrates on business hotspots and CBD areas both in the UK and Overseas, to reduce your costs in B2B postage services. This Ofcom licenced service produces minimum savings starting at 20% when compared with Royal Mail unsorted costs.


Services specifically focussed on Events Marketing

Making your message stand out from the crowd. Whatever your vision and message, Romax have the experience and equipment to make events marketing budget hit the return you require. Think back to the last marketing piece you received at work, what was there about it that made you look twice and take notice. One thing for certain it wasn’t just an A4 letter in a plain envelope!!

Knock off print codes, sub-set marketing, VIP and Printed fulfilment services for exhibitor marketing and show promotion fulfilment also make up the key services provision for this marketing sector.

As one of the most high-pressure marketing environments, Romax have years of experience in providing an efficient, smooth service to remove that pressure of both visitor and exhibitor marketing from you.

  • Exhibitor Fulfilment
  • Visitor Badges
  • Electronic communication and visitor registration management
  • Visitor marketing pre and post event
  • Discounted B2B and B2C postage
  • Dedicated events marketing team.

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