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Charities & Not For Profit

Individual giving mailings aimed at targeted and engaged supporters work. Some, however, work better than others. The management and methods used to print and fulfil your donor request mailings often as part of a multi channel campaign.

Direct Mail is proven to work especially well for charities seeking to maximise their income, in what is a very ‘competitive’ market when it comes to fundraising. Loyalty to the charity is often based on personal experience of the donor, so creating a loyal donor without alienating that donor is a fine line. Direct Mail works in this environment as a brand builder, through Newsletters and other ‘good news’ updates – often through Social Media, but when it comes to asking for donations, Direct Mail comes into its element.

Charitable giving

Working with numerous charities and organisations that seek donations from supporters, alumni or members, we understand the importance of engagement with your brand and a recognition of the good work required to retain regular givers.

Increasing the individual giving value from your fundraising mail is not simply a matter of sending out a plea, it involves a deeper understanding of your donor base, why they engage and what their affordable donation value is. Once your data is understood, your message can then be directed accordingly.

It’s not just about the direct income, savings on the production cost are vital too. An often asked question relating to Charity Mailings involving print is the position around VAT and what is taxable, what can be reclaimed and what can be purchased as a charity as either a VAT exempt purchase or pack exempt VAT purchase.

Romax have spent considerable time investigating VAT in relation to print and Charities and can make recommendations and provide guidance on this for charities. For a full insight into VAT in relation to Charity Mailings and reducing your overall cost base, contact us.


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Romax have handled a number of mailings for Prostate Cancer UK – small, large and with tight deadlines.

Our mail outs have been managed thoroughly, efficiently and delivered on time every time.

Their communication levels and customer service is excellent and we look forward to working with them on many more projects in the future.

Prostate Cancer UK

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