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Arts marketing professionals face difficult working deadlines. Issues around scheduling, producers, reduced funding are commonplace. The ability to act quickly and meet tight deadlines is more the norm than the exception. As an Arts organisation,  your patrons expect to be informed of events, performances; this where Romax differs from other suppliers.

Box office systems whether web-based or venue-based create data records that are often irregular or duplicated. Data extractions with incomplete or partial addresses poorly captured addresses from ticket bookings that need cleaning and tidying prior to marketing. At Romax resolving this is all part of the standard provision that you as an Arts marketing professional will receive.

Arts marketing – Savings without compromise

Budgets in the arts are limited. Stretching out your budget to meet the marketing requirements is a juggling act that requires input and assistance from your supplier. Proactive involvement around projects be they season brochures, one-off shows, performance marketing or the opening of a new exhibition, getting the right message to the right audience at an affordable price is just one of the benefits of using Romax.

Letting Romax remove the pressure on your data-driven audience communication will allow you to focus on other key factors so that you don’t drop the ball.

Many Arts organisations also have Membership, Development and Education Departments that all need the understanding of an experienced supplier that can meet budget requirements without jeopardising standards. We can help your organisation across its entire communication strategy to ensure and co-ordinated approach.

Having worked with Arts organisations from all over the world, Romax can absolutely state that we provide a service that is suited to the needs of Arts marketing. Promotion of your event, tour, exhibition, show or venue, we understand your requirements and can help you achieve your required audience numbers.



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How will Romax use your data

As an Evangelist of Best Data Practice and holder of ISO27001 Data Security and Management, we like make it clear how we will use your data to give you an informed choice around future communications. For full details on how we look after, respect and seek permissions to use your data click here.

Southbank Centre, the largest single-run arts centre in the world, has used Romax for its membership print and distribution for over 13 years. Romax’s professionalism and flexibility is unmatched in the industry. I would not hesitate to recommend Romax.

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