How Will Romax Use Your Data

Your data will be held securely in a server under strict access protocols in the UK.

You can request access to your data at any time and we will acknowledge this request within 2 hours (working days only) and act upon this request within 2 working days.

We will never share your data.

Once captured onto our system, your data will never leave the control of Romax or be passed to third parties.

We will only use your data to provide you with relevant information that is designed to help you understand Customer Communication Management and Data Driven Communications.

Once opted in to receive communications using the medium that you want to receive them by, you can unsubscribe from receiving any or all by contacting Romax at and we will amend your choices.

We would like you to opt in to letting us look after your data so we can:

send you 1-2 emails a month about Industry News, Regulations, Insight and Exciting Developments – YES PLEASE OPT ME IN

send you 1 printed newsletter every 2-3 months containing useful articles about marketing and communication – YES PLEASE OPT ME IN

send you a Special Christmas Pack! (come on who wouldn’t want one of these!!) – YES PLEASE OPT ME IN

Occasionally call you for a chat about interesting stuff like data driven communications, Marketing, GDPR and Compliance in Communications and Print (Resist the urge to say no and please let us have your telephone number above) – YES PLEASE OPT ME IN

When you’ve had enough of us – just let us know. We will do the following:

1 – If you have transacted with us we are legally obliged to retain your data for 6 years.

2 – If you were just an interested party that missed out working with Romax we will remove you from our marketing lists and subject to a short period of time to allow for data flow, you will not hear from us again – until you come back and re-register.