• Provide validation of qualifications and achievements through digital badges
  • Encourage learners to continuously upgrade their skills
  • Easily shareable, with 100% tamper-proof credentials.

The use of digital badges for certifying skills and qualifications, whether for employees or online learners, is now an expected method of recognition alongside the printed certificate.

This facilitates communication between internal employees and external customers, and they know who to contact when they need assistance.

With this in mind, the Romax Digital Badges are fully customisable. With the dashboard, you can create any type of badge you desire, or you can request a bespoke solution for a digital badge.

Why utilise a Digital Badge program?

The Benefits For The Education Sector and Business

All learners can earn badges based on their demonstrated skills and achievements, as recognised by their institution, establishment or employer.

By using digital badges, learners will be able to demonstrate all of their skills, as well as soft skills for which there is often no official certification.

Learners can attach badges to online resumes, job applications, and employer skills boards.

Digital badges will allow both education and employee learners to develop an easily shareable, digital portfolio of multiple skills sets.

Increasing Security With Badge Validation & Revoking Capabilities

The design of digital badges can be customised to meet the specific needs of educational institutions and business organisations.

Reduce paper usage, carbon footprint and save money compared to issuing traditional paper-based skills validations.

The badges can be stored and distributed easily, for example, they can be sent instantly via e-mail to learners.

Badge Security & Revoking Capabilities

6 example digital badges for various IT competencies in various colours with abbreviations for each

Romax creates and deploys digital badges that have unique security credentials that prevent fraudulent modification of the badges. When your learners display, share and showcase their badges, whoever views them can be assured that they are 100% tamper-proof and that they cannot be altered.  

Badges issued to individuals contain information regarding the issuer, the badge requirements, and evidence that the applicant has met those requirements. Information is stored in digital format and can be shared and verified easily.  

A badge’s legitimacy can be confirmed by comparing its information with the issuer’s records.  If you click on the badge image or link, you’ll be able to see the badge’s metadata, including the badge’s issuer, its criteria, and evidence that the badge has been earned.

The badge of an individual may be revoked if he or she no longer meets the badge’s requirements or engages in fraudulent or unethical behaviour. The issuer can update or delete the badge metadata records, which are associated with the badge.

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