Romax Digital (RD) is a sub-brand of Romax, a leading UK direct mail and printing company based in Orpington, just outside London.

As a multifaceted digital solutions platform, RD offers solutions across a broad range of industries and sectors. To meet the demands of both membership-based organisations and commercial entities, we are constantly evolving and moving with the times.

A two-pronged digital/physical approach is available on some products, such as our digital membership cards, so you’re covered from all angles. But we realise that digitalisation offers many more opportunities than that, which is why we also offer digital loyalty solutions, tickets, coupons, as well as badges and certificates.

The RD platform now enables you as a company/organisation to provide all these digitalised services to your clients, which will help create a better experience for them and a better return on investment for you.

On the following pages of this website, you’ll find expanded content on the features, benefits, and uses of our full suite of products. We hope to spark some interest with your brand or organisation. If you don’t see what you’re looking for immediately, please still ask us; it may be something we are about to launch or plan for in the near future. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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