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State Bank of India

The State Bank of India, has a legacy of over 200 years, as the parent Bank of SBI UK Ltd. the bank traces its ancestry to the Bank of Calcutta founded in 1806. Today SBI is an Indian multinational, public sector banking and financial services statutory body, fostering India’s US$2.6 trillion economy.

In the UK, SBI has been active since 1921, and has grown to become the largest Indian bank in the UK. The bank’s retail-focussed subsidiary, State Bank of India (UK) Limited, was established in April 2018, with 12 branches across the UK. Romax works with SBI UK managing customer communication to its UK clients.


Measured and recorded communications provide 100% compliance

The brief

Provide a secure, multi-channel and flexible application that can swiftly communicate to SBI’s UK clients important communications.

The solution

We produced an Inspire software platform that efficiently and securely imports copy and data to pre-templated documents for immediate cross-channel distribution.

Results that matter

The ease by which client communication can be distributed to the bank’s customers of critical information has improved significantly reducing call centre volumes.

Templated pre-formatted application streamlines communication

There is always a need for banks and other financial organisations to quickly and efficiently communicate with their clients, with planned and sometimes more urgent communications. For SBI – UK it was therefore critical to have an application that is secure, tested and pre-formatted that can import data and copy, and in one process communicate the same message to many thousands of customers via SMS, email or post without having to ‘set-up’ the process whilst ensuring brand guardianship.

Secure and branded communication

An organisation’s brand and the way that communication is perceived is critical; having a platform that provides preference based communication with the same security that reflects the brand across all media formats is therefore vital. Romax provides clients with an automated process that allows operational and marketing teams to access, upload and amend copy with ease and level permissions, then at a ‘click’ can distribute communication to customers across multiple media with full confidence that the message and the brand will be presented correctly.

Internal resource costs reduced and improved client satisfaction

Efficient and accessible communication platforms managed by Romax provide clients with the comfort that their communications will be handled, delivered and critically, clearly reported on for compliance.

Romax provides SBI -UK with a range of services that include data cleansing, returns management, digital document storage and retention for client record history, across electronic and postal media.

Our services reduce SBI’s internal resource requirements, reduce incoming call centre volumes and produce cost efficiencies whilst providing a secure and reliable communication platform.

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