The Client

Metfriendly are financial experts dedicated to the police service.

Volunteers formed the Metropolitan Police Provident Association in 1893 mainly to help widows of colleagues and retiring officers.

In 1948 this became the Metropolitan Police Friendly Society. Since then the organisation has offered unique police-friendly financial products and services to serving and retired police officers, police staff and their families.

The Challenge

To process complicated and timely financial information to create statements for members. Remove the perceived need to print and enclose what was deemed too complicated a process to outsource.

Metfriendly had previously managed this entire process of print and fulfilment in-house, using office-based equipment, internal print and post facilities. Understandably, they were looking for a more streamlined and cost-efficient method to manage this process from a secure and trustworthy supplier that would meet the needs of their data security standards.

Metfriendly, also wanted to reap maximum benefit from the necessary statement pack mailing and increase revenue investment by including additional marketing content to appropriate sections of their client base as part of the communication.

How Romax Met the Challenge

  • Using Romax’s extensive knowledge of data-driven personalised print, mailing fulfilment and postage discounts, our developers wrote a data script based on the data test files to run a fully variable statement print run.
  • In conjunction with our sophisticated software and state of the art print and enclosing equipment, we added pack specific barcodes, to match statement sheets and allow selective pack contents as they were enclosed on our inserting machines.
  • We accessed the lowest cost postage route – Mailmark – which tracks the mail from Romax to delivery confirmation using 2D barcode technology and assists Royal Mail in the final mail delivery, so achieving the maximum postage saving available for the service.

The Outcome

  • Romax now produce regular benefit statement transactional-promotional (trans-promo) mailings that range from a variable 4-page statement to a variable 13-page statement across multiple saving plans and multiple named individuals at one main client address.
  • Postage cost reduction of approx. 50% by accessing discounted mail services rather than using office based unsorted postage.
  • Selective marketing inserts are enclosed based on client data type that bring in additional revenue, turning a purely cost negative process into one that drives revenue

 “With hindsight it seems rather silly that we persevered for so many years folding, stuffing and posting these statements ourselves!

David Hurcomb, IT Manager

Just wanted to add my thanks.

Ben Grainger – COO