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The Client

Mercedes-Benz history began in 1886 when engineer Karl Benz invented the world’s first car. This invention pioneered a path of innovation and technology which remains with us today. From making motoring more sustainable with eMobility, to manufacturing vans and and ‘Smart’ cars. Mercedes-Benz is one of the most successful brands in the world.

The Challenge

Weekly Predictive Aftersales (PAS) communication across multiple brands. 

Aftersales communication including service, MOTs and lease notices are date dependent therefore predictable. Car dealerships across the country rely heavily on income generated through aftersales messages, and such messages provide ongoing brand awareness and touch points for future sales opportunities. 

Mercedes-Benz employed Romax to print and distribute PAS across their UK brands including Passenger Cars, Motability, Vans and Smart Cars. As each brand has unique requirements including data sources, imagery, copy and brand guidelines; combining aftersales into a streamlined, agile and cost-effective solution without devaluing brand previously had been problematic.

How Romax Met the Challenge

  • Development of a flexible system that receives multiple data sources, whilst retaining integrity of that data to produce brand specific customer communications.
  • We designed and received approval for client specific postal indicia to increase brand awareness.
  • By acting as the pivot across brand channels we integrated multiple source data and collateral to produce a single print run that ensured each brand’s message without compromising brand requirements.
  • A fully automated system removes the need for weekly client approvals/interaction.


  • Combined weekly communications now run across multiple brands:
    • Saving time and cost by removing delay in set-ups and approval process
    • Reducing costs by combining smaller brand runs to qualify for mailsort discount across all brands.
    • Ensuring that the ‘cost per piece’ is reduced for the whole business through process sharing – not just per brand.
  • Communications are now printed and delivered on schedule
  • Allows better customer and dealership relations and increased uptake in sales.

Mercedes-Benz and Romax also work together on marketing and communication for sales, promotions and aftersales care.