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Marlowe Theatre

The Client

The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury re-opened in October 2011 after an extensive rebuild and has since become one of this country’s leading regional theatres with a wide and varied programme that includes the West End Musicals, National Theatre Productions, the RSC, Glyndebourne Touring Opera, and the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Romax has been working closely with the Marlowe Theatre since the theatre re-opened, assisting with their direct mail marketing print and distribution – particularly related to individual show promotion. The theatre invited Romax to help them improve their membership communication as well.

The Challenge

Production of membership welcome packs (including the printing of membership cards) was a labour-intensive in-house process that removed the membership team from their main roles in member development. A new Friends Membership Scheme ranging across 7 membership levels was to be implemented that would create additional burden and costs for the theatre if managed in-house.

Romax Solutions

  • We created an autoflow data driven platform to receive and process regular new member data files across all 7 levels
  • Using our software we scripted responsive content for output from variable data.
  • Key member benefits were communicated simply across all 7 levels dynamically
  • Daily output files drive on demand print for both membership cards, multi-version welcome packs and personalised branded envelopes.

The Outcome

  • Membership Welcome Packs are printed and delivered with 4 days of receipt.
  • The Welcome Pack is slick, compact and impactful
  • Packs are highly personalised and member level relevant.
  • Easy updated copy; should amendments be required, as all printed on demand.
  • Reduced waste and cost for both print and postage as the pack size was reduced dramatically and nothing needs to be printed in advance.