The Client

DKMS began in Germany 1991 when the founder, Dr Peter Harf, formed the charity in honour of his wife, Mechtild who had lost her battle with blood cancer. Peter had the vision to create a future where every blood cancer patient has a second chance of life.

DKMS have more than 7.5 million potential donors registered within the DKMS family worldwide and have given more than 64,000-second chances of life to people diagnosed with blood cancer. The worldwide search for new donors continues though as many people are still not able to find the matching donor they need.

Romax Marketing & Distribution has been working with DKMS UK since 2015 managing their printed communication which includes printing, fulfilment and distributing their DNA Swab Pack to potential donors who registered via the DKMS website, the welcome pack and donor registration cards and others personalised communication.

The Challenge

DKMS is a well-known charity with many supporters, many of whom are celebrities. The unfortunate reality that when a sufferer falls ill, particularly a child, there is huge public response and requests for potential donors to add their DNA to the donors register. This requires instant reaction to increased demand in order to fulfil the requests.

How Romax Meet the Challenge

  • Nimble and flexible working with agreed immediate escalations on work loads
  • Close working relationship to understand when potential high-profile cases occur
  • Proficient stock management and control
  • Advanced preparation and scalable platforms.

The Outcome

  • The cycle of DNA Swab Pack Kit distribution to register potential donors and the subsequent fulfilment of donor registration packs remains seamless
  • SLA minimum daily volumes are always exceeded often x10 to meet the demand when escalation is required.
  • Donors receive their packs within 3-4 working days of registration so that the impetus to act remains
  • DKMS continue to grow their database of potential donors without volume or capacity constraints by using a trusted supplier.

“We cannot praise Romax enough for their proactive, efficient and accurate service. Their ability to solve issues that other suppliers were unable or unwilling to do, place them in the premiere league.”

Andrew Eastmond – Print Manager