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The purpose of DKMS is to fight blood cancer. They have more than 7.5 million potential donors registered within the DKMS family worldwide and have given more than 64,000-second chances of life to people diagnosed with blood cancer.

Romax works with DKMS to manage their donor communication which includes SMS, email and print from web based applications. Our role is to facilitate the donor journey from the time a potential donor registers on their website until they become a full donor on DKMS’ register.


Romax manages daily cross-channel onboarding communications for DKMS UK

The brief

Create a seamless communication workflow to manage donor recruitment and onboarding, using multi-channel media and print.

The solution

Using our innovative workflows we integrated processes from data receipt, swab pack distribution and returns, to sending donor welcome and marketing comms.

Results that matter

Donors receive their swab packs within days of registration, the system is fully automated and allows DKMS complete clarity on their registered donors.

Swab Packs same day despatch

Through Nimble and flexible working within agreed service levels, Romax processes stage one of the donor registration process on a daily basis. Potential donors register with DKMS and Romax then receives the data, prints and despatches a bar-coded personalised swab pack and despatches on a same day basis. Our close working relationship ensures that when potential high-profile cases occur that leads to immediate escalations in enquiries, our advanced preparation and scalable service always meets the challenge.

Swab Pack Returns and Communication Updates

As part of our fully integrated service, Romax receives in a safe and secure environment potential donor’s completed kits for onward DNA processing. All through the process DKMS have kept the potential donor informed of progress through data managed email and SMS communications.

Final Welcome and Ongoing Communications

Once the DNA sequencing has been completed, the potential donor becomes registered and Romax send out virtual welcome packs and membership cards advising them. Ongoing donor communications are also managed by Romax, through our multi-channel platforms.

“We cannot praise Romax enough for their proactive, efficient and accurate service. Their ability to solve issues that other suppliers were unable or unwilling to do, place them in the premiere league.”

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