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Multi Channel Marketing

Cross media B2B marketing to your business is a great way to demonstrate your understanding of their preferences on communication methods.

How do you combine your own marketing, a seasonal message, a thank you and a call to action whilst not only demonstrating your service but also showcasing it? Physical, electronic and web-based personalised communication in a clearly thought out and well-communicated way. You may think that all of your Christmas’ had all come at once…..Well, Merry Christmas……Where in the World is Santa?

The Cross Media Concept:

santa-selfiesTo add a little more interest to the normal Christmas card and to wish our clients ‘seasons’ greetings’, whilst ensuring the retention value of a seasonal printed communication, we came up with the following idea: A fun competition that all clients could engage with.

The plan was to send out a teaser Christmas card with 5 destinations that Santa was present in. The images being slightly blurred, with one (or two) being a little harder to keep the interest and promote debate with the recipient(s). Then to send out daily email clues to assist clients (should they need it).

By not ‘allowing’ clients to enter the competition until after all 5 ‘selfie’ clues had been received kept an extra level of engagement – and saved a few ‘rushed’ and perhaps ‘rash’ answers to be submitted.

The last email clue on day 5 contained the link to the submission questionnaire through a link that required the use of the unique number sent out on the original printed card.



Santa Selfie 5



Cross Media Stage 1 – Direct Mail Piece

A Personalised ‘Christmas Card combined with competition details and the client’s unique reference number for online completion. 4pp A4 printed on 250gsm silk on our iGen 150 digital colour press, then gloss laminated on the outer faces for additional impact.

Where in the world is Santa Wheres Santa 2

Santa Envelope

The outer envelope was personalised to match the personalised card and printed in full variable colour on the Colour M1 Inkjet envelope printer.





Cross Media Stage 2 – Email Communications

Too many emails can be overbearing, but when we are offering an incentive to play, and engage with our clients, they are compelled to open them. This continues to keep both the competition alive and the Romax message/brand at the forefront of our client’s mind. To view each daily personalised email click on each image below.





Reminder header

Cross Media Stage 3 – Web Based Interaction

The final stage of the process was to capture the responses, this was simply done by creating an online questionnaire and database to record and track client responses. After the draw, all respondents received an email notifying them of the results.

And Finally – The Answers

Cross Media


The overall result was extremely good, we had 88 applications from an initial contact base of 1174. This resulted in a 7.5% response rate.

Each email the email engagement range was particularly high with all emails exceeding a 20% Open rate. There was a slight decline in emails over the campaign With Day 1 being the highest at 27.4% Open rate, Day 2 at 24.1% and 21% for the remaining 3 daily emails, the final remainder email at 20.5%

Improvements for future work would be to incorporate an easier social media – share option.

I have worked with a vast number of mailing houses throughout my career in marketing and Romax beats the competition hands down.

Not only through the quality of work produced, but also additional services like returning undeliverable data files, offering useful and honest advice and always being on top of their game.

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