Senior Quadient Inspire Developer Vacancy

We are looking for an ambitious, warm and inquisitive individual to join our Development team as a Quadient Inspire Developer for variable omni-channel communications. You will be reporting directly to the Head of Development.

Key duties and responsibilities: 

Essential skills:

Ability to install/setup/maintain and develop Inspire Interactive.

They would need to be:

  • Advanced in Inspire Designer
  • Advanced in Inspire Designer Scripting
  • Highly knowledgeable in Inspire Interactive
  • Advanced in Inspire Scaler or Inspire Automation (Scaler preferable but plenty of crossover and transferable skills from automation)
  • Able to create and setup new tenants / companies in Interactive
  • Confident in creating and managing base templates within Interactive
  • Confident in creating and managing templates within Interactive
  • Confident in managing approval processes (an Interactive approval process) including adding basic forms to manage data.
  • Confident in complex data ingestion into Inspire
  • Confident in managing complex and relational data structures including:
    • Some / Basic SQL knowledge
    • JSON
    • CSV
    • TSD (Inspire) Native files
    • XML

Additional Skills Preferred

  • Experience in Quadient Inspire Scaler / Automation and other platforms would be advantageous 
  • Experience or exposure to any of the following would be advantageous 
  • Node js / JavaScript 
  • Node js frameworks such as Vuejs / React / Expressjs / Sailsjs 
  • RESTful API’s 
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
Please send a cover letter and CV to