Carbon Balanced Direct Mail

Using a carbon balanced direct mail supplier is the environmentally sustainable approach to printing direct mail. Romax is a carbon balanced direct mail printer certified through World Land Trust.

Every year by using Romax, our clients ensure that their direct mail and printed mail communication, uses sustainable materials, and all paper is carbon offset through the World Land Trust Scheme.

World Land Trust Operates in 82 reserves across 25 countries, purchasing and safeguarding land to prevent deforestation and increase reforestation. Through this scheme, your printed communication can incorprate the world land trust logo. As an accredited brand, helping to promote your brand’s environmental credentials. This is a simple process that Romax will manage for you as part of our service.

Print is recognised as one of the most sustainable and impactful forms of marketing. Research shows that brand recall and trust are increased significantly through the use of direct mail as a tangible and interactive form of marketing when compared with digital only. Better ROI combined with environmetally sustainable production has seen leading brands reconsider their marketing mix to include and increase the use of direct mail. Romax Client Case Studies