November 10, 2020

Back Office Outsourcing will organisations need post and print rooms on site in the future?

Why is back office outsourcing being revisited by organisations? There is no doubt that even after there is a cure for Covid 19 that the shift away the dependence of the central office for many organisations and the inevitable redundancy of the back office that supports the front office will need revisiting.

The reduction in volume of physical print and mail towards electronic only communications means that to employ, fund and locate office-based print facilities, mail and enclosing kit, becomes increasingly costly and an overhead that can be easily outsourced.

Despite the move to electronic communications, there will always be the need whether through client preference, GDPR compliance or legal requirement for physical printed documents to be produced and mailed. Why not look at consolidating your decreasing volume with other businesses through an external supplier?

Across the country there are professional mailing facilities that offer secure and vetted document print and mail services, who can provide back office outsourcing; this may be through hybrid mail solutions, or as direct client service contracts.

Facility managers in corporate and office locations will need to find alternative solutions that work with the blend of home and flexible office working solutions, so that no matter where the location of the employee is, they will have access to high quality, brand secure, same day print and postal services that ensure that businesses continue to communicate with their clients in timely ways.

Consumers will not continue to tolerate organisations that are unable to implement communication solutions that do not return to pre-covid levels quickly despite home working being ‘accepted’. Covid aside, we know that a tipping point has arrived – ahead of predicted timescales – that makes remote working and blended office working here to stay.

Now is the time for business to plan their future requirements, to restructure the back office and speak to the experts in data driven print and mail production.

For a comprehensive list of Mailing Houses you can contact the Strategic Mailing Partnership or speak with us here at Romax.

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