July 8, 2011

Data Loss – Ignorance is not bliss

The London Evening Standard on Thursday 23rd June reported that the NHS had lost in excess of 1000 data record breaches. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has the power to issue fines of up to £500,000.00 for breaches of the Data Protection Act

The NHS is NOT alone in these potential losses, and more often than not it is NOT the organisation that is to blame, but the organisations’ supplier. If your bank lost your details if your telephone company lost your data if your personal information was to fall into the public domain, how would you feel?

Take that thought and extrapolate that to the data that you in your job role have responsibility for. How often do you release your data to third parties that you have not vetted or have not themselves been independently vetted?

Firewalls/physical and IT security/locked Access authorities amended monthly/encryption software and secure data transfer. There are a multitude of technical ‘jargon’ terms that many people do not fully understand. Unfortunately, ignorance is not bliss and is certainly not an excuse you can use to defend yourself should the worst case happen.

I could list the technical standards and securities required, but unless you are of a technical bent, and enjoy IT chat (we are very happy to talk technical if you are) then all you need to know about your supplier is whether they have ISO 27001 Information Security Management. There is a very good reason why clients request this accreditation – peace of mind and reassurance that the supplier is committed to excellence.

Romax have also been externally judged question and accredited by an independent third party. We are monitored and evaluated regularly for quality, adherence and risk to prevent data loss, and provide to our clients the security in the knowledge that our processes are solid and sound and above all evaluated.

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