December 27, 2019

A marketing channel with the highest open rate in 2020

The Internet has become an essential part of our lives and today’s communications are mostly online. The appearance of smartphones and other new technology have given us the ability to communicate in many different ways.

However, not all communications online are harmless. In order to grab customers’ attention, online brands are competing in a bidding auction, spending thousands, but this doesn’t always get the results they hope for. People are overwhelmed with generic information that doesn’t engage them.

Get attention

In a constantly moving, overwhelming world, how do you get people’s attention? Think about messaging your kids, what are they more likely to read, SMS or a letter? Receiving a letter for young people is an unusual form of communication, and it is more likely they will open the letter.

According to Market Reach, 64% of people open and read material received by post on the day they receive it. Compare that to email open rates, where you’re lucky if the open rate reaches 20% – assuming the message doesn’t end up in a spam filter.

So direct mail has resurfaced as an effective marketing strategy.

Build trust

In the buzz of millions of online communications, marketers have a competitive advantage when using tangible communication methods. Receiving information on paper increases trust among your customers.

The initial investment in direct mail marketing suggests that you have faith in your own company. Your business is perceived as reliable and stable, these factors matter more to your customer than the cost.

As the entry barriers are higher than in digital advertising, the brand is perceived as more trusted. Printed communications outperform digital, especially in getting your brand remembered.

When Facebook was accused of a data breach, they chose to use a printed media campaign to regain trust. Instead of running a campaign through digital channels, Facebook decided to use a method that generates high levels of trust.

Ethical advertising

Another myth about printed communication is that it’s unethical. Environmental campaigners tell us that paperless communication does less damage to our planet. However, the print industry is self-sustainable.

According to Two Sides, more than 72% of paper is recycled. For every tree that is used for paper, another three trees are planted. Therefore, packaging manufacturers are coming back to paper materials for mass communication.

At Romax, we recycle paper, plastic, glass and metal. We are conscious not only for our resources, but we also want to save your resources. There are several ways we can help you to save your budget, but we always suggest by starting with cleaning your data, so mail only goes to genuine contacts – and they only get ONE copy.

Contact us today at 020 8293 8550 or to book your free data audit.

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