Ad Mail – What Qualifies for Higher Discount Mail?

There is no easy way of detailing what qualifies for ad mail (or advertising mail) except to list it!

However, the wonderful, expert and experienced client services team at Romax are fully up to speed on the Advertising Mail Criteria, so you can either read the listed items below, or call us on 020 8293 8550 to discuss your specific mail piece.

Ad Mail does require data cleaning against the Postcode Address File (PAF) this is a necessary requirement set out by Royal Mail to ensure that the delivery addresses are accurate according to their database. This can on rare occasions result in the delivery address that you hold for a client being amended to suit the delivery.

An example of this would be an address such as ‘DunRoamin’ 5 The Street, TOWN, POSTCODE, being changed to simply 5 The Street, TOWN POSTCODE.

The mail piece will still be delivered, BUT your client may not like their named house being dropped from the address – as this can be an emotive thing that affects the relationship between your brand and them as clients. There are ways to avoid this and we can add certain address records to suppression or removal files that are not sent via Ad Mail so not affecting your client/supplier relationship.

Mail campaigns must by their nature be successful or they become pointless, so keeping the correct balance between cost and impact is critical to the campaigns success. Assistance is always available from your mailing supplier, mailing house or postal manager.

Ad mail qualification criteria

Ad Mail List 1 Ad Mail List 2

Ad Mail List 3 Ad Mail List 4

It is possible to check the content, copy and design of your mailing before the postal service is settled on. Royal Mail have a dedicated team to whom you can submit the planned mailing to receive absolute confirmation on whether it qualifies. If you risk a mailing via Ad Mail that does not qualify, then you break the agreed Terms and Conditions for accessing Ad Mail and there is large risk that you will receive a reversion fine, and pay the additional cost plus a surcharge. If in doubt ask!


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