June 10, 2022

What Are The Benefits Of Multi Channel Marketing Systems?

When running a business, one of the questions you may ask is, ‘What are the benefits of multi channel marketing systems?’ Clearly, you want your business to grow and be a success, so getting your message across, and extending your reach, to as many different audiences as possible makes sense. Multi channel marketing campaign examples include email, physical stores, social media, print, mobile and television.

Multi channel marketing enables you to engage with your target audience and grow your brand across multiple platforms with specific content. So, the more channels you can reach your audience on, the faster you can turn a lead into a paying customer. Let’s have a look at why you can’t afford to ignore multichannel marketing.

Multi channel marketing

Connect with Consumers on all of Their Favourite Channels

Today’s consumers are no longer just using a desktop at home: they use various devices, platforms and apps that each serve a unique purpose or preference.

The average digital consumer owns 3.64 devices, so using only one channel means just a small portion of a consumer’s daily interactions. More than 50% of all Internet usage takes place on mobile apps. The more visibility you have, the more competitive you will be, especially if your competitors are missing from the platforms you are present on.

How to Extend Your Reach with Multi Channel Marketing?

Nowadays, people often use more than one channel but may have a preference for a single platform. If you’re only posting on only one channel, you may lose your audience if they move to a different preferred channel. With multichannel marketing, you can find your leads on any platforms they interact with, reach them and move with them.

You can Tailor your Message with Multi Channel Marketing

Companies being consistent with their messaging across channels avoid confusing or frustrating visitors on their sites. Tailored messages make an impact. Consumers have choices, so you need to consider their preferences, demographics, behavioural and transactional history, preferred channel and location to fully optimise the benefits of multi channel marketing systems. Read more about our cross channel marketing campaigns here.

Multichannel Marketing to Increase Awareness

Using multiple channels will give your campaign a wider audience, increasing its chance of success. The more places your campaign appears, the more likely you are to be discovered by potential new customers.

Most people have regular access to more than one channel, so as well as reaching more people, you will make repeated contact with them. Brand awareness will be increased by the number of interactions you have with each customer and, with that, the opportunities to convert them. As a general rule, it takes around eight points of contact to convert a prospect into a customer.

Multi Channel Marketing Increases Engagement

As well as increasing initial awareness, visibility of your campaign across many platforms strengthens your customer relationships and builds trust. Relevant content that is engaging creates a positive brand image across many channels.

It also increases your chance of finding customers on the platform, or channel, they react to best. Not everyone responds to a channel in the same way, so the more channels you are using, the easier it is to find your most receptive audience.

Multi Channel Marketing Increases Impact, Lowers Costs and Increases ROI

Similar messages delivered across different channels have the potential to resonate more with your target audience. Seeing your message everywhere will make it appear more important, more relevant and seemingly more popular, increasing the overall impact of your campaign.

Even though a campaign that is delivered across many channels can be more expensive than one designed for a single platform, it will take less time and resources than generating unique campaigns for every channel. Therefore, combined with the increased lead generation, you will see a much higher ROI – Return on Investment.

Multi Channel Marketing Creates Choice

For B2C marketers, multi channel marketing gives consumers a choice in how and where they interact with the brand. Multi channel marketing strategies increase the likelihood that a brand’s message will be seen by using a variety of ways to try to interact with consumers – hopefully in ways that they will find engaging. The audience has the choice of how they are marketed to.

Multichannel Marketing Statistics

You only need to look at multichannel marketing statistics to understand their value. Since the pandemic in 2020, there has been an increase in businesses using multichannel marketing strategies: the number of marketing channels increased by 77%. The statistics of multi channel marketing are constantly changing and evolving with growing knowledge, but one thing is certain is that multichannel marketing statistics prove their worth.

Choose a Specialist Company to Create Your Multi Channel Marketing Campaigns

It can be hard for companies to stick with their campaigns long enough to see results, with 23% of marketers reporting not having the time or resources needed to develop and execute multi channel campaigns. This is where, here at Romax, we can help with your multi channel marketing campaigns. If you would like to see the benefits of multi channel marketing systems without losing valuable time, let Romax take the hard work from your hands and deliver you a successful campaign.

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